Coronavirus 2.0

BENTON FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - As of 3/25/2020, we have:

 Case CountBentonFranklin
Lab Confirmed Positive (including deaths)10**7
Epidemiological Linked* Cases (including deaths)31
Deaths (lab confirmed)

Deaths  (Epidemiological Link*)20

*known symptomatic close contact associated with a confirmed case

**one of the lab confirmed cases reported previously was actually an epidemiological linked case

Since commercial testing has become available, the Health District may not be aware of persons undergoing testing until notified about positive tests as required by WAC.

We are aware that there are other clusters of COVID-19 like illness in our community that are pending test results. The community should continue to abide by all social distancing recommendations.

See our info-graphic about the COVID-19 testing and reporting process.

*Numbers will be updated daily. Time of posting and format will be changing on 3/24 to better align with guidance from the Washington State Department of Health.

Check Washington State Department of Health  for the latest statewide case count


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