OLYMPIA, Wash.- Broadband construction projects across the state are receiving funding to improve internet access in unserved and underserved communities throughout Washington, including Franklin, Yakima and Kittitas Counties.

According to the Department of Commerce Franklin County will receive $4,854,610, Yakima County will get $11,310,004 and Kittitas County will receive $11,366,102.

The $121 million in grants awarded by the Washington state Broadband Office will help deliver reliable, high-speed internet for almost 15,000 homes across the state and are part of the Coronavirus Capital Project Fund according to a Department of Commerce press release.

"Broadband access is essential infrastructure, providing a critical gateway to education, health care, social and economic opportunities,” said Washington Commerce Director Mike Fong.

Counties and organizations receiving grants:

  • Franklin County PUD No. 1: $4,854,610 for the Connell and Basin FTTH project.
  • Yakima County: $11,310,004 for the Yakima County WSBO 2022 project.
  • Kittitas County: $11,366,102 for the Kittitas County WSBO 2022 project.
  • Grays Harbor PUD No. 1: $6,916,366 for the Grays Harbor South Elma, Porter and Cedarville Broadband project.
  • Jefferson County PUD No. 1: $6,087,687 for the Inbetweens Fiber project.  
  • King County: $1,767,681 for the King County, Ziply to Duvall project.
  • Lewis County PUD No. 1: $11,958,421 for the Bunker Creek project.
  • Lincoln County: $8,921,342 for the Deer Meadows and Seven Bays FTTx project.
  • Mason County PUD No. 3: $3,645,768 for the Cloquallum Communities Rural Broadband Fiber Expansion project.
  • Okanogan County Electric Co-op: $11,985,014 for the Okanogan County Connect project.  
  • Orcas Power and Light Co-Op: $6,446,206 for the Outer Islands project, $3,911,649 for the Orcas Island East project, $3,352,904 for the San Juan Island project, $1,242,168 for the Orcas Island West.
  • Port of Skagit County: $8,054,251 for the Bow Outlying Areas FTTx project.
  • Port of Whitman County: $1,135,475 for the Port of Whitman FTTx project.
  • Spokane Tribe: $3,418,063 for the Spokane Tribe HWY 231 FTTH project.
  • Tri County Economic Development District: $12,000,000 for the Central Stevens County Hybrid Broadband project.
  • Whatcom PUD No. 1: $3,150,000 for the Point Roberts FTTx project.

“This funding is the next significant step toward our goal to have high-speed internet access available to every Washington resident and business," Fong said.