UNION GAP, WA - Need help freshening up your resume? If you do, Goodwill is willing to help.

"We will be offering at no charge to the community career readiness skills and classes to help people get ready to get employed," said Amy Bell, Program Developer with Goodwill.

The classes will go on for two weeks starting on April 10 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Goodwill in Union Gap.

"We would love it if you sat through the entire two and a half weeks, it's a little over 40 hours. It covers computer basics, math basics, employment fundamentals, soft skills, we've got a little bit of financial literacy to help people out," said Bell.

Bell also says she's glad to finally see the classes offered in Yakima.

"It's our mission to help people break down their barriers to gaining employment; that's what we do with all the funds that come out of our 35 retail stores. It goes directly into workforce development. We've been doing this in Tacoma for a number of years, also in Longview and we're very happy to be here in the Yakima Valley," said Bell.

These aren't the only classes Goodwill will be providing - next month they will have a different course.

"In May, May third we have an advanced manufacturing and warehouse class starting and that class is going to run 12 weeks. It will cover 40 hours of warehousing and about 300 hours of of advanced manufacturing," said Bell.

If you want to reserve a seat for either of the classes you can do so by calling the storeĀ (509) 452-0207.

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