Free classes to become a storm spotter

YAKIMA, WA- The National Weather Service is hosting SKYWARN Storm Spotter classes.

Anyone who has an interest in weather can become a storm spotter.

The SKYWARN Storm Spotter class teaches people what they should look for and how to make accurate weather reports to the National Weather Service.

For people who have busy schedules and cannot physically attend a storm spotter class they can now take one online.

"We actually also do virtual spotter training, and so that's nice because we have a registration link people can register they don't have to go to a physical location they can just watch it from home. So if you get home it's been a long day maybe you don't wanna go to a physical location it's a great option," said Marc Austin, Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

Austin said there are about 150 to 200 storm spotters in Central Oregon and Washington and they want them to stay safe.

"With our storm spotters we like to encourage them to be safe. I think people that are very fascinated by weather they naturally tend to go to window when they hear thunder. When the sever thunderstorm warning comes out and I'm guilty of this too they wanna run to the window and see what's going on. But they need to make sure they are not in the danger zone," said Austin

If you would like to learn more on becoming a storm spotter you can visit their website at

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