Free Comic Book Day

Yakima, WA- Comic book lovers all over the country will be able to get their hands on free comics this weekend. Locally the Sunnyside Community Library wants to give avid readers and non-comic book readers a look inside the pages.

Free comic book day is tomorrow and one librarian at the Sunnyside Community Library is going as far as, giving people parts of his own collection.

"With the library I wanted to find a way that I can give comics away here and I just happen to have my own collection at home," said Kris Ritchie, Librarian II.

Ritchie said he likes to encourage people to read comics.

"I really like to push our comics to what I call our reluctant readers. The people who are less likely to pick up a book and read a whole book. and so I'm hoping I'll really get a lot of those kids in," said Ritchie.

Sharing his love for comics and reading with people at the library not only makes him happy but it's also a way for people to relate to super heroes..

"So the most exciting thing part of me with comics is finding those kids who pick up something and are like ohhh I do this or I relate to this. And then they take it home and just enjoy it and make it part of themselves."

The library will let you pick out one or two bundles of comics with a couple of comics in each one.

The free comic book day event in Sunnyside will start at 2 in the afternoon at the Sunnyside Community Library

In Yakima Ron's Coins and Collectibles will also be giving out free comics.

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