ATLANTA, GA- Mimi G is a DIY (do it yourself) clothing designer and one of the most influential sewing experts in her field. With a slew of licensing deals, millions of online followers and her very own sewing academy the sky is the limit for this Latina mogul.  

However, Mimi G is not your typical influencer, before her huge success, she had a rough upbringing and lots to overcome. And as she grew older she says getting lost in her sewing projects helped her escape her traumatic past.

"Coming from sexual abuse as a child, domestic abuse and homelessness and being a teen mom and runaway- it’s just a lot to deal with... There was so much trauma that I had to work through, but sewing was sort of a way for me to release and let go, and that's how I used it," Mimi G told NBC Right Now.  

While researching her hobby online she found that most people sewing and sharing designs were creating quilts and home décor.


Mimi G had other ideas, looking back, she says she didn't like "any of that," and she wanted to make things that she could wear. "That's really how it all started," she said.


Soon after Mimi began by creating designer knock-offs and sharing her designs online.


Twelve years later she has built an empire and runs Sew It! Academy, a place where the 'everyday girl' can go. 


So who is the everyday girl?


"Now that I think about it- its the everyday girl and everyday guy (laughs), we have a lot of men who sew, but for me its women who are frustrated.

I am latina, I have a small waist and a big butt, and so when I would go shopping I would leave feeling badly about myself," she told NBC Right Now.


Mimi G says being able to empower people to make clothes that fit their bodies is something she is proud of, but meeting her followers in person over the years has taught Mimi that perhaps it’s a bit more than that.


"That's when I realized what I was doing was not just about sewing and fashion, but that it was about changing peoples lives. It was about giving people an outlet to be creative, and a safe place for them to feel like they could share what they were doing, and that other people were just as passionate about it. And that has obviously grown significantly over the years," she said.


You can find out more about Mimi G and her DIY designs at:

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