Future reservoir to be used as central storage

KENNEWICK, WA - The Kennewick Irrigation District is working on figuring out where a future reservoir could go. 

KID has more than 20 reservoirs in the Tri-Cities area, most of these small. Right now they are working on a central storage project, which would be the site of a much larger reservoir, fenced in, and more like an earthen reservoir.

The purpose of this project is to centralize the district's water supply to reduce the cost of buying multiple sites and maintaining them. In addition to this, during times of drought having more water supply can help with water loss when river flows are down.

As river flows drop, the reservoir would be used to supplement those flows and keep KID customers from dealing with water shortages. The last drought in the area happened back in 2015, and before that 2005. 

Jason McShane, Engineering Operations Manager with the Kennewick Irrigation District, says it's possible we're due for another one soon and when that happens we're going to want to have additional storage available. 

The location of this future reservoir has yet to be decided on. KID is siting different locations that may be a good match. 

"There's not a lot of places left within KID that don't have homes somewhere close by," says McShane. "We have some reservoir sites that would be very close to homes others that are a little further away." 

McShane says it's common for reservoirs to be close to homes and most of the time they go by unnoticed in the community. 

KID is still in the initial stages of planning this project, which can take anywhere from 10 to 25 years to complete. 

Before the district moves forward with a location for the reservoir, they will complete environmental studies on the area. 

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