Get lost in a corn maze

PASCO, Wash. -- The season for ghouls, goblins and haunted houses in nearly here. Organizers at "All Seasons Landscape and Design" gave KNDU a bird's eye view of their corn maze.

The design spells out "monogram" a home building company and sponsor of the project. It's seven acres of daunting trails and switchbacks that await people who dare to try and find their way through.

The staff has been working since June to get it ready. A haunted trail to the north of the maze will lead directly to a haunted house where dozens of ghouls and goblins await.

Experts say if you're easily frightened don't go in the maze at night. There is also a zoo with a zebra, a wallaroo and many farm animals for kids to see. The maze will open October 8th on North Road 68.


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