gun and girls

BENTON CITY, WA -  In an effort to further involve women in their organization, the Sand and Sage Hunting Retriever Club decided to create the Girls and Guns event.

"We created a shooting event with shotguns to teach women how to use shotguns because the hunting retriever club we hunt and shoot with our dogs," said Trudy Nugent a Sand and Sage member. "So we kind of got something to get the women more involved."

Although many experienced shooters attend this event, it gives beginners the opportunity to try something new. 

"It's a great way to get women involved in shooting that have been too afraid to go out and intimidated by men being out at the range," said Kristine Kopf a Sand and Sage member. 

The event wasn't just about shooting guns. It was also a fundraiser that raised money for the Service Peace Warriors, a non-profit  organization for honorably discharged soldiers who are in need of help coping with PTSD symptoms.  

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