Gov. Jay Inslee

YAKIMA, WA - Governor Jay Inslee was in Yakima on Wednesday.

He was part of several meetings that addressed gun violence.

The meetings were closed to media, but Inslee said he talked with law enforcement, state officials, community organizations and locals impacted by gun violence.

Inslee said the goal was to listen and gather information so that he can see how the state can help Yakima fight against gun violence.

While talking with the community Inslee said he heard about a number of things that need to happen collectively.

The top three things are more law enforcement efforts, prevention and the need for more services to keep Yakima's youth out of violence.

Inslee also explained what happens next, "I will be taking these stories back, talking to legislators, I made proposals last year, we're hoping legislators can find some way to help the valley. We don't know when and exactly the dimension, but the good news is there appears to be a unanimity of viewpoint that we need to attack this problem."

Inslee also said it was shocking to learn about the number of homicides that happen in Yakima and he said it's something personal for him because he used to live here.

Inslee was asked if he believes that by law enforcement agencies choosing to not enforce initiative 1639 it contributes to gun violence and he said he's hopeful laws will be enforced and that he is for gun safety.

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