Heritage University

TOPPENISH, WA - Heritage University will now have the opportunity to provide more for its students.

"We recently received a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation Hispanic Serving Institutions Program," said Jessica Black, Science Department Chair at Heritage University.

As soon as news came out that they had received this grant Black says they instantly knew how they were going to use it.

"One of the things that we identified is that we have a lot of very talented students who really want to go into STEM whether that be into medical careers, whether that be into environmental science, biology chemistry, computer science. We have all of these really interesting degree programs and talented students, but we are also noticing students are struggling," said Black.

The grant will allow the university to hire additional mentors, tutors and provide more resources for students.

Jose Figueroa and Eric Philipp-Petrick who are both tutors can already see how this could immediately help students.

"I can say, I mean I've seen him too, just be pulled aside numerous times throughout the day when we are not on shift with questions about, people basically asking for tutoring when we are not on shift and that's a very, very common thing for us," said Philipp-Petrick.

Aside from offering more tutoring hours Figueroa says this will also help them.

"Tutoring also help us personally and academically, because when we are tutoring we have to adapt to a certain students learning style and there's students that learn visually, audibly and kinetically. Where they have to do it physically in order to remember and to learn," said Figueroa.

The grant is also aimed towards helping Hispanic and Native American students involved in the STEM workforce.

"We want our students to be able to transition into graduate programs. There are so few minorities in these STEM graduate programs, our students we feel are going to be sought after and this grant will help us do that," said Black.

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