Green Bills expected to pass

YAKIMA, WA- Today is Earth Day and the 2019 Legislative Session is coming to a close soon. 

Two green bills that are expected to pass would make people be more aware of plastic usage and sustainable recycling. 

House Bill 1543 is about sustainable recycling and would require landfills to develop a recycling 

Yakima County Solid Waste Recycling Program Coordinator said "Sustainable recycling for us is making sure contaminants don't enter the recycling stream." 

The Recycling Program Coordinators are trying to teach people what is recyclable and what is not. 

The recycling curb said service is encouraged and starts at $9.58 a month. 

Another Bill expected to pass is House Bill 5397. This Bill is important since China imposed its plastic import ban. 

Locally Yakima County Solid Waste recycling program no longer accepts plastic bottles due to manufacturing. 

Heintz believes this Bill will help with plastic waste clean up. 

"We have clean up crews, litter crews, out every single day, not just at the landfill but all around into our neighbors yard, pastures and vineyards around here and so that probably and potentially could cut down on the amount of clean up we have to do every single day," said Heintz. 

If this bill passes there will  be more community education about the use of plastic and will work with plastic producers on product design. 

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