FINLEY, WA - In the wake of recent reports of severe vaping related illnesses that have lead to concerns about the safety of both nicotine and cannabis vape cartridges, local recreational cannabis retailer Green2Go has released a statement.

Green2Go's statement says "early reports suggest the increase in vaping related illness can be traced to the use of the chemical compound vitamin E acetate. This thickening agent, which converts to a vapor with high temperatures, reverts to an oil state upon entering the lungs."

To keep its customers safe, Green2Go says it has joined Uncle Ike's and Mainstreet in testing all of its vape inventory. Green2Go also partners with OK Cannabis monthly to run tests on randomly selected products sold in store. These test results can be viewed at or within 24 hours upon request at any Green2Go location. 

"We encourage consumers to purchase compliant vape products through licensed cannabis retailers and look for third party test results to ensure the highest possible product safety," Green2Go said in the statement.

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