Group gathers for a moment of blessing in honor of teen girl

YAKIMA, WA - After the tragic death of Lillyonna Rose Beaty, an association in Yakima has come together for a moment of blessing. 

Police said Beaty was shot and killed by 17-year-old Benicio Lopez while riding in a car in Yakima.

The Yakima Association of Faith Communities came together to bless the area where she was found.

Family, friends, and community members filled the streets to pay their respects to Lillyona. Reverend Ken Jones says these blessings are held in order to try and bring some peace to anyone who's involved in violent incidents.

"It sets a peace in a community; to a place that those who might be fearful because a homicide occurred or affected their family," said Reverend Jones.

The ceremonies first started being held around three years ago. They are done every time the association hears of a homicide in or around the city.

They believe this will help people who are fearful of going to these neighborhoods after an incident occurs.

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