Benton County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild announces they no longer support Sheriff Jerry Hatcher

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The Benton County Sheriff's Guild has voted overwhelmingly to recall Sheriff Jerry Hatcher. According to the Guild, there was not a single 'no' vote.

Recently the BCDSG had been provided information, including a report from an independent investigator relating to a claim by a whistleblower employee alleging Hatcher violated anti-discrimination, harassment policy and engaged in other actions in violation of the law. 

The report found Hatcher committed retaliatory actions against the whistleblower employee, that he engaged in anti-union activity and retaliated against two witnesses. 

Former Benton County Sheriff's Commander Tom Croskrey also provided information relating to Hatcher's admissions to alleged criminal activity from 2019 when articles were released relating to physically assaultive actions against his current estranged wife. 

On February 2, the BCDSG released a letter expressing a vote of no confidence against Hatcher. He responded to the letter saying that he believed it was "a small nucleus of people within the Sheriff's Office that feel this way."

"Unfortunately, it became apparent within the last eight months that Sheriff Hatcher will engage in any level of deception, falsehood and commit what appear to be crimes. Furthermore, he will harass employees if he believes it will secure a victory for a second term. Sheriff Hatcher does not deserve as the Benton County Sheriff and we strongly believe he is not deserving of finishing his first," the BCDSG said. 

You can read the full release from the BCDSG here:

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