Halloween Is Also For Adults

KENNEWICK, Wash--  Who says halloween is just for kids?  They might have to work a 9-5 job, but that hasn't stopped dozens from dressing up for work.

KNDU found doctors who were bank tellers, lawn gnomes that painted make-up, devils that cut hair, even Bret Boone came out of retirement for the day!

Embarrassment aside, some workers say getting in the spirit helps pass the time, which was especially welcomed today, considering it's Friday.  And for others, they say dressing up in costumes helps set the mood for the day.

"I like the dress-up part better because you can be somebody you're not normally,: says Debbee Hollick, a banker dressed as Bret Boone.

"She's very imaginative, I would've never thought to have done this.   The hair, the whole thing, this is her," says Cindy Reed, a woman getting her wild make-up done for her costume, the Bride of Frankenstein.

But even though workers were getting in character, remember, there was work to be done.  So while the holiday might be for both kids and adults alike, it seems the kids get the better end of the stick.  Still, it was a fun day for the adults.


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