Health Insurance Alternative in the Tri-Cities

RICHLAND, Wash., -- Healthcare has become way too costly for many individuals and small businesses that's why one medical facility in Richland, Physicians Immediate Care & Medical Centers is trying something new.  On Stage Health is a plan that offers a direct agreement between the member and the physician.  For a monthly fee of $67, the member receives primary healthcare with no co-payments or deductibles and no co-insurance.  On State Health also works with insurance agents to add coverage for specialty care and hospitalization. 

Dr. Doug Crawford, a primary care physician at Physicians Immediate Care & Medical Centers says he's seen things change in the last 12 years he's been there.  "when I first started here a standard insurance premium, the deductible was $250 per year,our last one is $7,000 a year deductible.  As prices go up I see less preventative health care. People wait until they have a serious problem instead of addressing it earlier. We all know addressing things early end up saving money in the long run," says Crawford.

The supervisor at the medical center, Lori Gutierrez says the employees there also have On Stage Health, and they are the first in the Tri-Cities to offer such a program. "it's a monthly fee of $67, for any age.  It can be employer purchased, so if you got a small business, with say five employees, you can purchase it for your employees, or it can be purchased individually. The whole goal is to be able to provide affordable healthcare to those who can't afford to purchase the expensive insurance policy," says Gutierrez.  The plan is to let people go to the doctor before they become seriously ill, for check ups, blood pressure monitoring and general maintainence.

Brad Davis the man behind on stage health says if more companies do this, this can lower healthcare costs in the long run.  Businesses can use this program to provide affordable healthcare to their employees.

For more information, or if you're an employer or individual looking for coverage call 509-475-6237 or click here.

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