Helium shortage affecting businesses in Yakima

YAKIMA, WA- Party Connection is one business that has been affected by this global helium shortage.

"This year, this calendar year we have acquired no tanks and there are none available we called just a few days ago," said Peter Delo, Vice President of Party Connection.

Party Connection has been able to stay open despite the helium shortage. Delo said they are not unfamiliar with helium shortages but this is by far the worst they have seen.

"The price was triple from what we normally pay. So it went up from about 215 dollar a bottle to about 465 dollars. wow, yeah very big price increase," said Delo.

In order for Party Connection to continue selling balloons they have figured out a way to work without the helium.

Delo said "we do what we called an air filled balloon sculptures these things are either self supported or we build frames to support the balloons on, that way they don't have to float."

Helium is not only used for balloons it's also used for welding stainless steel.

A local welding supplier that did not want to be identified says their business has felt the impact of this shortage which has resulted in limiting sales to welding and medical.

"It's just affecting an industry and that happens to be the recreational use of helium and it's affecting medical and uh if you're gonna have an MRI talk to your doctor because you may not be able to get one," said Delo.

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