Hops for Hounds fundraiser raises money for Yakima Humane Society

Single Hill Brewing employees and their dogs.

Yakima CountyThe Yakima Humane Society is partnering with several breweries in Yakima to raise funds for the shelter. One dollar from each beer will be donated to the Yakima Humane Society so they can maintain their facilities, buy medicine for the animals and much more.

John Gorman the head of the fundraising committee at the Yakima Humane Society says it takes $ 1.6 million to keep the shelter running so they need a lot of support from the community when they do events like this.

Single Hill Brewing and Bale Breaker made the new beer called Hops for Hounds IPA and released it last week. Single Hill Brewing went one step further and canned it so people can take it home. Those cans have pictures of Single Hill Brewing employees' dogs.

Marketing manager Andrew Pytel said he always wanted to make a beer out of his dog's picture and that dream finally came true. He also said that they chose to participate in the fundraiser because it is a good cause and they like to help the community.

“We try to do a quarterly fundraiser beer and it was kind of a shoe in when we found out there was a Hops for Hounds sort of like dog themed fundraiser that John was putting together because its a very dog friendly brewery,” Pytel said.

Last Saturday was the first day of the event and it will continue until August 15. Pytel said the first weekend of the fundraiser their brewery had a pretty good turn out.

"The community was very excited," Pytel said. "We have a couple of dogs that hang out here a lot that people know by name and play with, so the idea of ​​celebrating them and raising money for such a good cause we definitely saw a lot of support from the community."

If you want to support the Yakima Humane Society and have a cold beer you can visit Varietal Beer Company, Cowiche Creek Brewing Company, Wandering Hop Brewery, Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co, Hop Capital Brewing, Single Hill Brewing Company & Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Fortuity Cellars, Sheridan Vineyard, Two Mountain Winery, and VanArnam Vineyards.

To learn how to adopt a pet from the Yakima Humane Society visit their website.