House Bill 1166

OLYMPIA, WA - House lawmakers unanimously passed legislation on House Bill 1166 which addresses the backlog of over 8,000 rape kits currently in police custody.

This bill is all about supporting sexual assault survivors. It creates a ''Survivor Bill of Rights," which will require law enforcement to undergo specialized trauma informed training and prohibit the destruction of untested rape kits. 

If this bill passes, survivors would no longer have to provide pay hospitals for the testing of their own rape kits. 

"Too many women have waited too long to get their sexual assault or rape kits evaluated and tested," says Representative Tana Senn. "We know that when they do often times we find maybe a serial rapist and certainly what we find is justice for more of the women who know that what they went through is not being ignored."

House Bill 1166 will now move to senate for consideration. 

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