How can mothers achieve self care?

YAKIMA, WA - We are focusing on self care for mothers. Mothers have a tendency to put others first, that's why it's important they have tips on how they can take care of themselves.

Gaby Mondragon a therapist at Comprehensive Healthcare says the first thing mothers should do is reach out to family.

"I know when you're a mom you got a lot of things on your schedule, a lot on your plate. Kid's school activities and sports, so you have to make sure you're setting those boundaries and sticking within the schedule," said Mondragon, "Let your partner know if you're going through a lot of stress and it's okay to let your children know as well and how they can be supportive."

Mondragon says there are many ways moms can take care of themselves. Including eating a balanced diet, getting good rest, and knowing their limits.

"Doing things that do help you feel more relaxed and to practice those more regularly," said Mondragon.

If you need help she suggests going to a professional.

"There is a lot of clinics in the community that provide their resources of course and for working moms within their work there is also E.A.P, which is employee assistance programs," said Mondragon. 

You can call Comprehensive Healthcare at (509) 575.4084.

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