YAKIMA, WA- Fifteen states including Washington have implemented a stay at home order. 

In Yakima that order means essential businesses like gas stations, banks, take-out restaurants, police and fire stations are still open.  

Spokesperson for the City of Yakima, Randy Beehler says their biggest defense for covid-19 is urging people to stay home if they can.

“What we really encourage people to do is to self regulate, to self enforce and do that with their family members and friends as best as possible. That's what's going to help flatten the curve, we all need to do our part,” said Beehler.  

 People who still have to work employers must ensure social distancing, proper sanitation... and make sure anyone who is sick stays home. 

 “If you have to be at work or you have to be out in public to get those essential supplies please practice social distancing just keep yourself away from other people and help keep them and yourself safe,”

One concern many people have is how the order will be enforced.

Casey Schilperoort with the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office says they won't be giving out any citations anytime soon. 

“At the moment we are going to be using education over citations I would imagine that citations might be a possibility in the future basically only for where we get multiple complaints,” said Schilperoort.

Schilperoort says anyone who see's possible violations for the stay at home order can call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office.

 “We will look into the complaints and see if they are valid if they meet the stay at home order restrictions and we will send them to the appropriate county agency,” said Schilperoort.

With Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement for the state wide “Stay At Home, Stay Safe” order people are expected to stay home or work from home the next 2 weeks.

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