YAKIMA, WA- Washington state is averaging nearly 27,000 doses a day of COVID-19 vaccines, as of this week.

There are a lot of people still waiting including teachers at the Yakima School District.

The Chief Strategy Officer, Jessica Post with the Yakima School District said "What we have done is, we have gone ahead and been proactive to figure out who of our employees and their household would be interested."

YSD has around 2,000 employees and about half have expressed interest in getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Post said "Being able to see those numbers has helped us to prepare... So that's where we have been able to pull together our vaccine administration team and say 'Hey if we have X amount of folks that are interested in this vaccine and saying this is how many we can do per week.' This is how many we can knock out."

YSD is following Department of Health vaccination guidelines and phases.

Even though we are not in the phase we need to be in the district has people ready to administer the vaccine.

"We've got a combination of health assistants, nurse assistants, nurse assistants and even some licensed nurses in our community that have all volunteered," said Post.

According to the Department of Health teachers 50 and older will be eligible for the vaccine when we are in phase 1B tier 2.

All other teachers are eligible once we reach phase 1B tier 4.

 In an email from Department of Health Public Information Officer, Shelby Anderson said "We are allowing the flexibility of combining 1B tiers 2 and 4. We ask that if tiers are combined, providers do so in way that promotes equity."

In the meantime the school district is preparing logistics ahead of the arrival of the