How to avoid being scammed when moving

KENNEWICK, Wash.—Summer is the most popular season for people to move, unfortunately, many scammers use it to their advantage.

Complaints heard by police are delayed pickup and delivery, damaged or missing property, property held hostage for more money, rejected insurance claims, and illegal moving companies with invalid permits.  However, police say sometimes they can't do too much about the claims if you have already signed a contract with the moving company.

"If you make an agreement with a moving company to move you from point ‘a' to point ‘b' and they don't show up on time or they damage some property during the move, most likely it's going to be a civil issue," says Officer Matt Newton, Kennewick Police Department.

A few tips before you hire a mover are to meet the mover's representation in person, get at least two written bids, verify the mover's permit, and check online reviews and complaints.

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