YAKIMA, WA- With Thanksgiving right around the corner and COVID-19 cases rising, many people may have to change their annual traditions.

One Yakima resident, Connie Wilson is the one who cooks for her family every year.

Wilson says she makes all the classic dishes like "Turkey, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, pumpkin pie, huckleberry crisps.

Even with the Pandemic Wilson says she just wants to have her family together.

"Just being able to see them and get together cause they haven't wanted to come to Yakima," said Wilson.

According to health experts people shouldn't cancel thanksgiving but take a different approach.

The Center For Disease Control recommends people from outside your household wear masks, avoid potluck style serving, and use touchless trash cans.

Another recommendation is for guests to avoid contact with people outside their own household for at least 14-days before the holiday.

Wilson said her family has been taking precautions to be able to spend Thanksgiving together.

"They've been very cautious and I'm hoping that they still will come. Some come from Spokane, some come from Maple Valley. So were just keeping our fingers crossed," said Wilson.

The CDC says to consider having a virtual gathering instead, or have an outdoor dinner.

If you do host a Thanksgiving dinner indoors the CDC recommends keeping the gathering small, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and open your windows.

They also encourage social distancing and frequent hand washing.