YAKIMA, WA - The state's eviction moratorium is set to expire on June 30th. This means many tenants may be panicking to pay overdue rent.


The Yakima County Department of Human Services and agencies has given out 2.5 million dollars in rental assistance already and plans to give out more.


"I hope that the contributions that my department can make will be impactful in alleviating some of that difficulty for our community," said department director, Esther Magasis.


To be eligible for rental assistance, tenants cannot have an eviction record. Magasis said landlords will not get a chance to get overdue rent money if they evict everyone right away.


Magasis said she worried that tenants will not find other housing once evicted, which will cause an increase in homelessness.


The Yakima Housing Authority has 74 emergency housing placements ready at the end of the month for people at risk of homelessness said the executive director, Lowel Krueger.


Krueger said they are requesting more placements but that funding won't come in until July 1st.


He said because of the already low housing market, he's worried about tenants not finding a new place to live.


"Whether it's emergency housing vouchers or any other assistance that we're providing there, there just aren't places for folks to live," said Krueger.


The number of family members and the annual household income is also looked at for eligibility for rental assistance. Apply here.


Tenants that don't qualify may be eligible for one of the landlord relief programs operated through the state, found here. Other programs for rental assistance programs can be found online.


The Yakima Housing Authority vouchers for Yakima and Kittitas counties can be found here.