YAKIMA, WA - Kids are the most at-risk group to join a gang. Many seek acceptance, friends, and structure through gangs, according to the Yakima Gang Awareness Campaign.

Kids involved in gangs will mostly likely withdrawal from school or family activities, stay out late, or have a sudden interest in a certain brand or color, according to the Yakima Gang Awareness Campaign.

The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) of Yakima and Kittitas Counties ensures that kids and families know they have someone who cares for them.

"I want to help them give them a chance they might not have otherwise if they go down a different path," said DRC associate director Michelle Lee.

The DRC's Gang Reduction and Intervention Taskforce ensure their 75 local agencies, organizations, and nonprofits are dedicated to helping kids stay away or get out of gangs. 

To reduce gang-related crime, community members need to help gang members get back on their feet and into the community said Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray. 

"If they ask and we don't give them the help they tell us they need then they're not going to change," said Chief Murray. 

The DRC's agencies provide food, shelter, and clothes to anyone in need. Full list and resources online