pet with coat

KENNEWICK, WA - If it feels cold to you, it feels cold to your pet! There are some things that you should do for your pet in the cold to keep them safe.

It's best to always keep your pets inside in this weather and to make sure you are watching them at all times. This includes when you take them out to go to the bathroom- keep an eye on them! 

Dress them properly before going out in the cold: even it's a coat to help insulate them and keep your pet a bit warmer. Just like you and I, they can get frostbite too. 

If you are planning on walking your pet in these cold temperatures, make sure it's a short one. Also, protect their paws!

"Inside of their paws they can trap ice or even that ice melt, salt... and that can actually burn their paws. One thing you could do is have your dog wear booties," advised Patrick McKennon, store manager at PetSmart. 

McKennon recommends protecting your animals' paws before taking them out in the cold and snow by putting on booties, paw protectors or a wax that you can put on before and after the walk.

Also make sure to clean those paws by wiping and washing them out! 

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