YAKIMA, WA- Getting your child ready for kindergarten starts at home.

One thing kids should learn early on can be a challenge for adults... Math.

Using positive messages through play can help prevent kids from developing math anxiety at a young age. 

According to the WA Kids Assessment Math is one of the lowest areas with only 38.7% of kids ready for kindergarten math. 

The Math and Science Coordinator for Education School District 105 says the key to get your kid ready is by using math where ever and whenever you can.

"Any time math can be incorporated into the home, at the store, at the dinner table at a very young age as low as toddlers. Playing games, board games anything with dice, with cards, with blocks all of those skills will really help," said Luke Matlack, Migrant Academic Math Science Coordinator, ESD 105.

Other ways to prepare kids for Kindergarten is by enrolling for a Pre-School program.

Kids at Blossom Early Learning Center learn how to communicate, share and have a routine.

The center director Connie Zaragoza says they have programs to help kids be socially and emotionally ready to go into a educational environment.

Pre-school helps kids develop a routine but it all starts at home.

"When a child does not have the opportunity to be in a pre-school setting they do not know about routine, they do not know about structure," said Zaragoza. 

Some things parents can do at home is set an early bed time and establish certain meal times.

The Yakima School District has family advocates available to help parents with any questions about getting their kids registered for Kindergarten.  

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