Hundred Hearts Project

Jenny Loughmiller began the "Hundred Hearts Project" when she was struggling with depression and grief.

She needed a way to get past those feelings and turn her life around for the better.

Loughmiller started the project and selected a hundred women that had impacted her life in any kind of way.

One of them was Dr. Nancy Rudd McCoy who helped Loughmiller deliver her children.

The concept of the Hundred Hearts Project is to express your gratitude to one hundred people in whatever way feels right to you (thank you notes, art, poems, service, etc.).

Loughmiller says gratitude, when practiced over and over and over, establishes new thought patterns that naturally focus on the positive. A mind that is filled with gratitude has no room for negativity.

When Loughmiller was done with the project, she found that Dr. McCoy had passed away.

The art project will be now put up for display at the Good Shepherd Women’s Center on March 11th, and will be available for display on March 12th.

Jenny Loughmiller's project became a sensation to anyone that stumbled upon the idea, and it inspired her to create the Million Hearts Project.

This project allows individuals to purchase a heart and create it in any way they would like to show gratitude towards another person.

Loughmiller says she wants to make an impact to people across the world and inspire others to overcome their own adversities by doing similar gratitude projects.

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