“I am a murderer, what did I do?” Woman arrested for shooting her boyfriend in Selah
UPDATE (Sept. 22, 2021): Yakima County Prosecutor, Joseph A. Brusic, wrote a letter to Sheriff Udell of Yakima saying no charges will be filed at this time and further investigation is needed in regards to to woman who shot Todd William Kopinski at the 500 block of Irene Lane in Selah.
The Full Letter States:
"This letter is to inform you that I have reviewed the current Yakima County Sherifls Department investigation and reports submiued concerning the above homicide from last Friday, September 17,2021, that took place at 505 Irene Lane, Selah, WA.
"It is my opinion that no charges will be filed at this time and that further investigation needs to take place to make a more fully informed decision as to the appropriate charges, if any. Additionally, all possible defenses will be more fully evaluated, including self-defense.
"I want to thank you and your department for their current efforts and investigation, and I look forward to obtaining more information in which to make a final charging decision. In the interim, the above suspect will be released from custody at the Yakima County Department of Corrections.
"If you or any of your deputies have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

SELAH, WA - A woman was booked into Yakima County Jail for charges of Murder in the 2nd degree and Manslaughter in the 1st degree involving domestic violence after shooting and killing her boyfriend after she says he was attacking her Friday evening.

Yakima County Deputies were sent to the 500 block of Irene Ln. near Selah after the woman called and said she shot her boyfriend out of self-defense. When deputies arrived they found 49-year-old Todd William Kopinski dead on the floor with an apparent gunshot wound to his chest.

Deputies said the woman said she was fighting with the man and he attacked her. She admitted to shooting him. She then said, “I am a murderer. What did I do?”. She was arrested and brought to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office for questioning. She did not elaborate about the male attacking her and then asked for an attorney.

Deputies observed an odor of intoxicating liquor on her breath suggesting she was intoxicated. Detectives were called out to process the crime scene.

The woman was booked into the county jail for charges of Murder in the 2nd degree – DV and Manslaughter in the 1st degree – DV. If anyone has any information regarding this case, please contact Detective Reyna at (509)574-2567.