Illegal workers have easy access to fake documents in the area

KENNEWICK, Wash, -- "There's 11 million people in the country that are undocumented, there's 8 million in the workforce.  People actually work under their own name, and they have a social security card that is in their name, that is created by Photoshop," says Immigration attorney Tom Roach.

But Roach says many documents are falsified in the Tri-Cities, Yakima and Seattle areas as well.  He says it wouldn't be very hard to find them and they are affordable.

  Last week,   Fernando Ramon Diego drowned at Two Rivers Park in Finley.  He was a migrant worker going under the name "Jose  Mejia"

The Benton County Sheriff's Office deals with fake ID's  on a regular basis.  Deputy Joe Lusignan says in Washington, they can arrest you for driving with a fake license but they can't ask you if you are here illegally.  "I'm not checking your legality to be in this country, it's not something that I would arrest you for," says Lusignan.

However, he says  if they arrest someone for a crime and that person turns out to be an illegal immigrant they usually get Homeland Security, ICE agents involved.  They run a check on that person and decide whether to deport them  based on the nature of the crime. Law enforcement does not make those decisions.

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