YAKIMA, WA- The Yakima Health District has successfully advocated for additional activities to be added into Yakima County’s “Roadmap to Recovery.”

Through feedback from community members, business leaders and local elected officials, and in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health, four new activities have been identified as being safe to add to Yakima County’s “Roadmap to Recovery” starting August 1, 2020.

  1. Increasing retail capacity a. From 15% to 25% of total capacity with indoor activities limited to 30 minutes
  2. Allowing drive-in movies a. Only household members can be in the same car b. No concessions can be sold at the location of these activities
  3. Wineries, breweries and bars will follow the same guidance as restaurants. a. No indoor seating is permitted b. Only members of the same household may be seated together c. Alcohol service at all establishments must end at 10PM.
  4. Regulated pools with a supervisor present a. Limited to lap swimming, water safety classes and swim lessons (5 or fewer people with proper distancing) Other updates include conducting a community masking survey every other week rather than weekly given that the masking has sustained at 95% for the last three weeks.

Additionally, the Washington State Department of Health clarified that outdoor spiritual gatherings can occur under open-air tents/canopies (no walls). Outdoor spiritual gatherings must continue to follow the guidance as outlined for Yakima County.

A reminder that these additional activities are being allowed within Yakima County’s current “Roadmap to Recovery.” This does not mean we have moved out of Modified Phase 1. These modifications can take place starting Saturday, August 1, 2020.

To ensure that Yakima County can continue to see a reduction in COVID-19 transmission, community members should keep in mind that Yakima County is still one of the communities with the highest rates of COVID-19 for its population size. For this reason, it is critical that all community members follow the public health recommendations.

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