Indoor Fitness & Training facilities are now allowed to open

OLYMPIA, WA - Governor Jay Inslee announced Friday that indoor fitness and training activities are now allowed in Benton, Franklin, and Yakima Counties in accordance with Phase 2 guidelines.

The change is effective immediately and applies to gyms, fitness studios, yoga studios, dance, and martial arts, among others. Occupancy is limited to ensure proper physical distancing, and masks are required.

Occupancy is limited to 300 square feet per person in facilities under 12,000 square feet. In facilities over 12,000 square feet, occupancy may not exceed 25 percent of the fire code occupancy rating.

Outdoor youth team sports and outdoor adult recreational team sports are not included. Other indoor competitive sporting activities, such as professional, amateur, or organized team sports and outdoor group fitness classes should follow the guidance for Professional Sports and Other Sporting Activities.

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