PASCO, WA - Prehistoric dinosaurs didn't seem so prehistoric this weekend at The Hapo Center in Pasco. 

"Well because people love dinosaurs people love dragons" said Matt Flynn, Producer, Dino & Dragon Stroll. "Kids like to come out interact with them learn about them and get educated."

They had different kind of activities for everyone.

"You can do everything from learning about the dinosaurs to riding on a t-rex or around a t-rex, getting up close and personal with the dinosaurs and the dragons" said Flynn. "We don't limit them around bike racks we let people go up and stand next them and get that experience."

Having that in person experience really brings life to the animals we learned about as a child.

"Their movements, their sounds, the animatronics in the eyes are so realistic it gives you that feel and flavor of what it would like to be back in prehistoric times" said Flynn.

"I mean it's huge, really life like and a lot of movement and noises" said Katie Krisher, Dino and Dragon Stroll Visitor.

Her daughter was such a big Dinosaur fan, she name so many like...

"The T-rex, The roughneck, the Apatosaurus, and the Ankylosaurus" said Katie Krisher, Dino and Dragon Stroll Visitor.

The Dino and Dragon stroll said they will be bringing the dinosaurs and dragons back in the next 6 months.