Intersection has many people confused

YAKIMA, Wash.--The intersection of 16th Ave. and Highway 12 in Yakima is confusing many people.

DOT says drivers exiting off of the westbound side of the 12 are not supposed to stop, rather drive through preventing a backup of cars onto the highway.


According to the DOT there have been no accidents due to the traffic conditions at that intersection since the change was made in 2009.

They say multiple signs have been added in the area to instruct drivers on what to do.


DOT says that since the change, traffic has greatly improved. 

"Every morning now the traffic back up is virtually gone and what we've noticed is that traffic is moving much smoother all day long," said Corey Hert, Assistant Traffic Engineer at the DOT.

A more long term plan to add a single lane round-a-bout to the intersection is still in the works, however funding has yet to be allocated for it.

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