YAKIMA, WA - The Yakima Valley is known for its agriculture, and with spring right around the corner the question is: is the cold impacting produce?

The folks at Owen Roe Winery say there is no impact yet, but if the cold weather continues there will be.

"So our biggest worry is that this cold temperature will last longer than anticipated," said Brandon Burns, sales associate at Owen Roe.

At this moment Burns says the only delay they are having is with pruning the vines.

Other than that he says the cold is actually helping, "A good way to say it is, it let's the vines rest. So they go into a dormancy over winter and having this cold keeps them, kinda helps them rejuvenate and get themselves ready again for spring time."

If the cold weather continues Burns says that would delay harvest, which would then create a trickle down effect all the way down to the bottle.

"If we ended up pushing out harvest too late and we did get frost and lost some grapes, then we're gonna cut down to on how much tonnage we can bring in, which will then affect how much wine we can make and affect profits at that point," said Burns.

Burns says that when temperatures are in the single digits for an extended period of time it can also damage the vines.

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