snow on roof

YAKIMA, WA - The snow keeps piling up outside and not just on the roads, but also on top of buildings and houses.

Several owners have already started to deal with the damage.

"We've been very busy this whole week, even last week. Getting calls about snow on roofs, snow in attics, different things like that, that we've been going out and helping mitigate," said Brice Baxter, owner of Baxter Construction LLC.

Typically, houses and buildings with flat roofs tend to be the biggest concern, but Baxter says they have been responding to calls from everyone.

"We're getting calls literally from everybody. You know commercially, flat roofs that are getting stacked with snow backing up flooding down to the buildings. Residential homes where the weight of the snow started creating a problem or the snow is blowing into their attics creating literal snow drifts inside the attic space," said Baxter.

The city of Yakima recommends calling experts to remove all the snow and evaluate the damage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that property owners could potentially be reimbursed for any damage caused from this winter storm, because to the city issued a declaration of emergency.

"By having that declaration in place it allows home owners and property owners, and city government, etc. the potential to be eligible to apply. So it's potential to be eligible to apply that doesn't mean that they would even be guaranteed to receive any reimbursement for costs," said Randy Beehler, Public Information Officer for the city of Yakima.

Key work there is "potentially." As Beehler stated it is not a guarantee that anyone be reimbursed, but having that declaration of emergency in place will definitely make that easier he said.

If anyone needs the services of Baxter Construction LLC they are located at 2521 River Rd. Yakima, WA and their phone number is (509)452-2464.

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