With rising costs due to inflation, it can be hard to fly out for vacations. However, there are many beautiful places that are just a short road trip away.

So grab your keys, get some snacks and lots of water, fill your tank and get your go-bag ready because we're taking our first trip!

In this debut episode of "Journey with Jessica," we're traveling to Palouse Falls State Park, which is home to Washington's state waterfall.

It's about an hour and 20 min. away from the Tri-Cities and the drive is easy and scenic. You will need a Discover Pass to be there- an annual one is $35 and a single-day pass is $10. You can purchase those at

Once there, there are three different viewing points and the easiest one is ADA accessible and has guard rails. There are other viewing points, but they can be treacherous if you fail to follow the instructions on the signs as there are rattlesnakes and no railings.

The views are spectacular with the 200-foot waterfall that gathers in a basin with the current winding down the Palouse River Canyon that eventually streams into the Snake River. The waterfall is historical as it's one of the last Ice Age flood paths.

Palouse Falls is right in our backyard and should be visited if you enjoy stunning sights and don't want to go to far nor hike too far.

Journey with Jessica will feature once a month and will feature hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest. If you have ideas where the next place should be, send an email to