Kamiakin High School Students Gather to Watch Presidential Debate

KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Students at Kamiakin High School gathered to watch the debate Tuesday night. 

About 60 kids sat in the library, most of them glued to the TV projector.  There were a lot of "oohs and aahs" every time either Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama took a jab at each other.  Many students sat quietly taking it all in, and filling a work-sheet where they could compare the views of each candidate to their own views.    

Watching Tuesday night's debate was part of Kamiakin's monthly series aimed at making their students better informed as citizens.

Most of these students aren't old enough to vote, but they definitely have very strong opinions and understand the issues. Kamiakin Senior Kristin Kontogianis says, "For me the main issue is healthcare. With McCain and Obama, they stand very differently."

Senior Rebecca Thompson says a moment she didn't like in the debate was, "when Obama listed off his priorities and education was his last priority.  They had to prioritize three and education was his last.   I believe education is the fundamentals of the American society."

Senior Leo Castellano says social security is a very important issue to him.  "Especially social security right now because I know we need to be worried if that's even going to be around at that point in time, and I just know McCain's really strong on that."

There was also another student who brought an Obama-Biden campaign sign with him to the watch party.  So, there were students ranging from freshman to seniors with a broad range of opinions.

Kamiakin High students will be watching the documentary "Maxed Out" November 13, and the State of the Union Address in January.

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