"Keep it legal, keep it safe," the OSFM plea this fireworks season

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal is asking all Oregonians to “Keep it legal, keep it safe,” this firework sales season, which is June 23-July 6 in the state. It’s asking people to go into this firework season with an understanding of which fireworks are legal, where they are legal for use and how to use them safely. 

While the statewide firework season is in place, some local governments have further fireworks regulations. Be sure to check the rules on fireworks in your area. Legal consumer fireworks can only be bought from retailers and stands with the proper permits. 

It is asked that people leave fireworks at home when they visit public lands and parks. Fireworks are never allowed on:

  • Fish and Wildlife properties
  • National parks and forests
  • Bureau of Land Management lands
  • State beaches and parks 
  • In-state campgrounds 
  • Many Oregon Department of Forestry protected private lands

“We ask that those using fireworks be responsible when using them,” said the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal Assistant Chief Deputy Mark Johnston. “Every year, we see fires started because of improper use or use of illegal fireworks. Our message is to keep it legal and keep it safe as people celebrate the holiday.” 

Fire officials are asking people to follow the four Bs of safe fireworks use:

  1. Be prepared before lighting fireworks; have water nearby with a bucket or a hose 
  2. Be safe when lighting fireworks; keep children and pets away, never light fireworks near dry grass or vegetation 
  3. Be responsible after lighting fireworks; do not relight a dud, wait 15-20 minutes, soak it in water then throw it away 
  4. Be aware; only use legal fireworks and only in legal places 

Some fireworks are not allowed for purchase through Oregon state law, unless you have an OSFM permit. These include bottle rockets/Roman candles/firecrackers and any firework that flies into the air, explodes or travels more than 12 feet horizontally on the ground.

If officials catch you with illegal fireworks, they can take them and charge you with a Class B misdemeanor, with a fine of up to $2,500.