Kennewick, WA- It has been thirty-eight years since he Kennewick Lions have seen a championship.

Back in 1984, the Lions faced off against the Bellevue Wolverines, losing the match up.

This weekend, Lions Varsity Football has the opportunity to right that wrong. 

Kennewick High School honored this historic moment by sending off their players with full support by their fellow students and school staff.

The event, held in the newly renovated courtyard, was packed with students and the school marching band. 

Players showed eagerness to bring home the win following the loss thirty- eight years ago. 

Some saying it isn't just for them, but for their community as well. "The last state championship was verses Bellevue so you know, doing it for the community and the people that played recently," said Varsity Senior Captain Simeon Howard. 

The Bellevue Wolverines are undefeated this season and the Lions hope to end the streak. 

Head Coach Randy Affholter says he came to the school three years ago with the mentality to be eager and want to win. 

Earlier today he said, "The most important way to play is representing themselves, their families, their high school and their families."

The team and coach will be facing off one last time for the season tomorrow at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup. Kick off will be at 12:00 pm PST.