KENNEWICK, WA - What started as a routine traffic violation turned into an SUV crashed inside a child's bedroom.

Friday night, April 2nd, Kennewick police tried to pull over Lori Christensen for a traffic violation when she drove away. Police did not pursue her but did receive a call later that evening that a car was crashed into an apartment at the Central Park Apartment Complex. Upon arriving at the scene, officers saw it was Lori Christensen who committed the car crash. Firefighters had to use a fire truck to pull the SUV out of the apartment in order to retract Christensen.

She was arrested, taken to the hospital to treat injuries, and charged with both evading police and a possible DUI. 

Fortunately, residents Ariana Guzman, her son, and roommate, were not home at the time of the crash. However, Guzman's life was changed in an instant.

"I got a call while I was at work," said Guzman, "I could have lost my son." she said between tears.

Guzman had just moved into the apartment last April.

"It was Easter Sunday and I couldn't even get my son anything cute for Easter. All of his toys and clothes were destroyed - things I had just bought too." said Guzman.

This is not Lori Christensen's first crash under the influence. Furthermore, both Christensen and Guzman are connected in yet another way.

In 2010, Christensen was driving under the influence when she crashed and killed Orlando Abarca-Rivera, who was Ariana Guzman's uncle.

For this, Christensen served 7 1/2 years in prison for vehicular homicide.

"I remember going to my uncle's funeral. It was awful." added Guzman. "Now I have to move to another apartment, I don't feel safe and I'm traumatized, but I am trying to stay strong for my son."

To avoid occurrences like this, Kennewick Police Department urges people to not drive under the influence and always make plans when you go out to use either public transportation or a friend to drive you home. They also add not trying to evade police when they pull you over. 

Guzman can no longer enter her old apartment to obtain the things that survived the crash (some clothes and food in her fridge) because police tell her she can't touch anything - for it is now a crime scene that they are investigating.

To donate supplies to Ariana Guzman like clothes, baby items, and food, you can drop of donations at her workplace at Pasco Processing LLC (5815 Industrial Way, Pasco, WA 99301).