KENNEWICK, Wash. - Family members of Dewey Mahoney, the man shot yesterday said he is awake and in stable condition.  The apparent murder suicide left the gunman and his estranged wife dead.

Flowers and two stuffed animals sit on the front porch of a home off Road 68 in Pasco.  Julie and Doug Britt lived with their two young children.

Mike Staple used to live next-door neighbor to the Britt's.  He said, "They were almost like your ideal Izzy and Harriet couple.  I've never seen them argue very much."

Staple lived next door to the couple for two years in their old house.  He helped them move into the new house about a year ago, which is right down the street from their old one. 

Staple said the couple was religious, friendly and very conservative.  He said, "I was flabbergasted when I found out."

Kennewick Police report Julie Britt was at Dewey Mahoney's Kennewick apartment when her estranged husband Doug arrived.  According to police Doug fired at Dewey, Julie and ultimately turned the gun on himself.

Julie and Doug were pronounced dead at the scene.  Dewey is recovering and is in stable condition at Kennewick General Hospital.

Family members said he is expected to survive.

Staple said, "I didn't see anything that would cause what happened.  I still can't believe it."

Flowers also lay where Julie was shot off of Columbia Center Boulevard.  Neighbors at the complex said they have seen Julie for the past few weeks and can not believe what has happened. 


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