KENNEWICK, WA - Substitute teachers in the Kennewick School District received an email last Monday saying that there would be new policy changes.

The email stated that starting December 1st, all substitute teachers will be limited to working only eight days per month in the district. The email also went on to state that each substitute teacher must work a minimum of 2 days per month, a full day will now be 7 hours instead of 7.5, and the pay rate of $135 per day will remain the same.

Some substitute teachers believe the change of only being allowed to work 8 days per month will impact them financially because they won't be able to earn as much as money as they could in the past. One teacher who has taught in the district for 30 years, 25 as a full time teacher and 5 as a substitute, believes this new policy will only hurt the district overall.

"Like so many things in education the decision is a purely financial one, it has nothing to do with what's best for kids, what's best for teachers, what's best for substitutes or what's best for schools' administrators... it's not what's best for anything but the bottom line," said Donna Grubaugh, a current substitute teacher.

The school district responded, saying that they are currently working through the details of how the state's new employees benefit program will affect substitutes and the district's operating budget. They also said it would be premature to interview on the subject before they fully understand how it will affect the district.

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