KENNEWICK, WA- A woman arrested after slashing police car tires and threatening police officers at a home on W. 4th Avenue Monday morning. 

Kennewick Police said 28 year old Andrea Spreadbury was seen with scissors and throwing rocks from her home. When police arrived to the scene she came out of her home with dishes throwing them at officers. Officers tried to de-escalate the situation and calm her down. Spreadbury then went back into the home to get a kitchen knife and then threatened police, ran and slashed nine tires on patrol cars. Spreadbury then ran on foot away from police with the knife. KPD said the response was limited due to the new HB 1054 measure in effect today from the Washington State Legislature that would not allow certain equipment to help deescalate the situation faster. Police then put several businesses and schools on lockdown as they attempted to subdue her. Pasco Police were called to the scene with a pepperball gun- which police say is a non-lethal tactic and then used a taser to release the knife from her hands. She was arrested without injury. All businesses and schools have reopened.