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KENNEWICK, WA - The Kennewick Irrigation district is asking its nearly 65,000 residential customers to cut down on watering their lawns.

KID is not requiring mandatory rationing but are recommending customers use water according to its suggested schedule The Bureau of Reclamation released its July forecast, which shows that water supply has decreased to 67 percent.

The district says if weather patterns don't improve, then drought conditions could get worse. The set schedule suggest watering your lawn by zone twice a week for thirty minutes.

For example: If the last digit of your address ends in 1, then you'll water Tuesday morning and Saturday morning.

KID says in doing so you'll actually be helping your roots become more drought resistant in the long run.

Last digit of address & watering times

AM = Midnight to Noon

PM = Noon to Midnight

1 Tuesday AM Saturday AM

2 Monday AM Friday AM

3 Monday PM Thursday PM

4 Sunday PM Wednesday PM

5 Sunday AM Thursday AM

6 Tuesday PM Friday PM

7 Sunday PM Wednesday PM

8 Tuesday PM Friday PM

9 Monday PM Thursday PM

0 Wednesday AM Saturday AM

This information pertains to residential customers only.

For customers with over 2 acres, contact KID.

Use of a single hose or high efficiency devices will continue to be allowed to water trees, shrubs, perennials, and vegetable gardens in addition to these scheduled times. KID also recommends using drip lines, micro spray, and soaker hoses to irrigate plants more.

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