Kittitas Public Health Department asks people not to visit during Memorial Day weekend.

KITTITAS COUNTY, WA- Kittitas County is asking people to stay home and follow their counties regulations this Memorial Day weekend.

Kittitas County Public Health Department says they are a less than a week away of knowing whether or not they can go into Phase 2 of re-opening the county.

“Being able to move to Phase 2 is what feels like a momentous step in Kittitas County. We know businesses are saying they can't hang on anymore,” said Kasey Knutson, Special Programs Coordinator, Kittitas County Public Health Department.

Kittitas County applied for a variance to move onto Phase 2 of the state's re-opening plan at the beginning of May.

However, it was quickly put on hold after an outbreak at Twin City Foods in Ellensburg.

Knutson said “The county has really, really struggled having to wait because around the same time that we were anticipating having acceptance of that application for Phase 2 that's the same time we had the outbreak at Twin City foods.”

Since the outbreak the Kittitas County Health Department has had to show their ability to be able to mitigate the outbreak, keep the numbers low and now deal with potential memorial day tourism.

“So that's why we’re asking people to just follow their counties restrictions there's no overnight camping in Kittitas County at this time and were just really trying to educate people and make sure they know they shouldn't be coming over here for Memorial Day Weekend,” said Knutson.

The county will be sending a report to the Washington Secretary of State detailing their response of the Twin City foods outbreak, and their ability to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

If the variance is approved Kittitas County may re-open on May 27th, 2020.

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