PASCO,WA- Knockerball Tri-Cities Combat Archery allows many Tri-Citians to enjoy a new fun activity. It's like paintball but without the painful bullets. The activity combines archery and dodge ball and gets players up and active. This game has been played around the country for years but it made it's first appearance in the Tri-Cities in February.  The man who brought it to the Tri-Cities, Grant Young, did so in hopes of giving 20 plus year olds another option for fun. 

"We are trying to create things for people to be entertained while they are here versus always just hitting the bars I want to be able to do something else for people that is fun," said Young.

It is only $19.99 for two hours and his open for kids 11 and up as well, it takes place at LifeQuest Fitness in Pasco. Young has plans of moving this activity to parks outside in the near future and he hopes to ultimately start a league for the Tri-Cities.


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