WAPATO, WA - Krueger Pepper Gardens is opening its U-Pick to the public despite losing 5 acres of peppers from the extreme heat. People can pick from 15 varieties of peppers straight from the farm starting Sunday 8/1.

"It would be more exciting if more things were ready but we're always happy to find and take care of people," said owner, Gayle Krueger.

Krueger Pepper Gardens grows more than 100 varieties of peppers but the extreme heat has wiped out multiple, costing the farm more than 50,000 dollars.

"This year, the peppers don't have the size that they normally do because of the excessive heat we've had," said Krueger.

But that's not stopping opening weekend.

Krueger said he can't wait to help people find goods they can't get in stores.

"We get to know our customers pretty one on one and we really enjoy having them," said Krueger.

Now, Krueger said he doesn't like super hot peppers even though he grows so many of them.

"I have, I don't know, common sense," said Krueger, "In my opinion they're not [bought] because they're delicious, but because they can burn someone who thinks they can eat it hot."

They have sweet peppers too!

People should look for the red ones, those are the sweetest said, Krueger. He said most peppers aren't ripe or turn red until September, but there are still a few to pick.